Thankful – A Perspective

The Post Orgasmic Sunshine Band.  We drove each other crazy sometimes, but all we remember is the love.  Thanks guys. :)

As I write this I’m in a bit of a funny place in my head.  It’s a place I find myself in more and more as the years go by.  I guess you could call it thankful.  That’s a really “in” word isn’t it?  Maybe it’s just me, but it’s …

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The Nightmare – Awakenings

Something in the shadows

There’s this nightmare I have a lot.  I’ve heard that it’s really common.  Maybe you even have it too? In the dream it’s pretty dark.  There’s just enough background light that I can see to move around, but it’s dark.  Dim and gloomy. I go and flick a light switch on, but nothing …

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What About the Money?

Gemma & our soon to be son-in-law Sam.  Something's are even more important than our tour.

“So how can they afford to do that?” you may ask.  Good question.  And one that we’ve spent a lot of time asking ourselves.  The top barrier for us, and probably for most people is money.  It’s a lot easier if you’ve got a lot of money. Motorhomes aren’t exactly …

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