About Us

Hello and welcome.

We are Fiona Lindsay and Jay Sloan.  Partners in life and in our dream project.  Just Another Anima.


Us on stage with The Post Orgasmic Sunshine Band at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

We both have a long history in the performing arts.  Music and performance poetry.  We both have a massive love of travel and new experiences.  And we both love how the arts can help to connect people and break down barriers.  Put all these things in a pot.  Shake ’em about for a few years.  Wait for the kids to grow up, and “Hey Presto!”  Just Another Anima was born.

The Just Another Anima project is me and Jay pottering around the world in a motorhome with as many instruments as we can carry.  Or as many as we can afford anyway.  On the way we will be playing songs, poeming poems and chatting to as many folks as we can.  We’ll be taking photos, blogging about our travels and writing new songs about the people we meet on the way.

Think modern day travelling minstrels.  Taking down the stories we are told.  Putting them in to song and delivering them in person from town to town.  We’ll also be roping fellow musicians in wherever we can to come jam along with us.  Add their own unique flavour to the Just Another Anima pot, and let us video them so everyone can follow the shenanigans online.

Last but not least there’s the Paint the Van project.  I love that one.  And you don’t have to be arty to be involved.  You can read more about that and follow all the different bits and bobs by clicking on the links and reading our blog.

We’d love to hear from you so get involved.  Leave us a comment.  Send us an email.  Like us on Facebook.  You know the drill.

See you on the road.

Fi and Jay.  x

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