How About A Song Then?

If there’s one thing a couple of wandering minstrels really need it’s a song or two.  Actually thirty four seems like quite a nice number for that matter.  Not that we’ve quite got to 34 yet.  After all, the idea is to write  our songs from the stories you tell us when we meet you on our travels.  As we haven’t even left Edinburgh yet that’s going to have to wait a few months.  We’ve not been slacking off though.  We know we’ll need a few tunes to start off with, so we wrote some on a recent six week trip to Europe.

Makeshift recording studio in a cave house. Baza Spain.

Makeshift recording studio in a cave house. Baza Spain.


And our friends thought we were just sipping cerveza in the sun!  Well Jay did do quite a lot of that to be fair.  Not to mention a healthy daily dose of vino rojo for me.  But as you can see in the photo we were hard at work at the same time, writing and recording tunes for Just Another Anima.  We were very pleased with ourselves after all our hard work.  So pleased in fact that celebration seemed in order.  Cue Spain’s excellent Soberano brandy.  Yum.

Brandies in the sun. Nerja, Spain.

Brandies in the sun. Nerja, Spain.


So never mind the boozing, what about the songs we wrote?  Well this project is all about collaboration.  Joining the dots that connect us all together.   When we’re travelling we aim to invite local musicians to jam in with us whenever possible.  We liked this idea so much we thought we’d do it at home as well.  With that in mind we’ve invited a few friends to get involved, and guest with us on our first song, Stranger In The Night.  Welcome aboard Nick, Richard and Josie.

So happy to have these guys agree to come play with us.  Nick, Josie, Jay and I have all played together before in the fantastic Post Orgasmic Sunshine Band, and Jay and Nick were also in a very well known Scottish ska band Big Fat Panda.  Richard is also a well known face on the Scottish music scene with another great band Black Cat Bone.  It really is fantastic news for us that they want to get on board.  Great musicians and a thoroughly lovely bunch of people.  What a wonderful start.

We’ll all be getting together over the next few weeks to work on their parts and start recording the song.  No timescale yet, but we’ll be working to get it done and up here for you to listen to as soon as possible.  Of course we are talking musician time here.  If you don’t already know, that’s kind of think of a number, double it, then add another hour just to be on the safe side.  Well there’s all those stops for cerveza and vino rojo.  Not to mention the big brandy finish.   But we’ll keep you updated on progress through the blog.  Stay tuned as they say.

Jay working on a song for his dad's lovely old melodeon in Baza, Spain.

Jay working on a song for his dad’s lovely old melodeon in Baza, Spain.

I just did a wee bounce in my seat there as I wrote this.  So excited and happy about how it’s all going.

Fi x


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