In Which Iggy the Hymer Goes to Portugal – There & Back Again – The Journey Begins

I am the worst blogger!  Many months and a lifetime ago I left you, my precious readers, dangling.  Iggy was in Hymer hospital with a broken nose.  The Portugal trip was hanging by a thread.  Would he be fixed in time?   After all our months of working and saving.  Of researching and Iggy hunting.  Was our first journey together doomed before it began because of a smashed bumper?

As you might have guessed from the title the answer is a resounding “No!”  With two enormous, fat, happy, emoji grins from me and the boy.  Portugal has been and done and back again.  We’ve now clocked up nine weeks in our beloved van.  We’ve watched eagles soar in mountain valleys.  Talked to mechanics in three languages.  Taken a zip-line river crossing between two countries.  Found out we couldn’t use our Laptop or mifi.  (Hence the no updates folks!)  Sang on an ancient stage.  And reluctantly returned to Britain with a 3 month deadline to catch our next ferry out of here.  For 6 months next time.

Iggy waiting for the ferry at Dover. Goodbye white cliffs!

So now it’s time to join the dots.  Step by step, tale by tale.  Over the next fourteen weeks I’m going to retrace our tracks across the continent.  We’ve had a lot of firsts.  A few frights.  A whole heap of delights.  And a massive learning curve that doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

Somewhere in Spain…aka Catedral de Sevilla

We’ll take a wander together through the poppy fields of France.  Sample pinxtos in Donostia.  Coo at nests full of baby storks.  Walk the chariot race tracks of ancient Rome, and learn the love of shade on burning salt flats.

Jay wants you to know he likes being a wandering minstrel…This Much!!!

It’s not all looking backwards though.  While I fill you in on the last 9 weeks the day to day challenges of van life go on.  There’s much to do before we get on that ferry to Amsterdam in 14 weeks.  Iggy needs some serious preparation for his 6 month trip.  Our new travelling companion DM is waiting for a stitch or two and a good bath.  Our I.T. issues have yet to be resolved.  And stopovers, water and laundry are a constant challenge in motorhome unfriendly Britain.

It’s been good to catch up a bit at last.  Next post I’ll take you with us on the first few days of our journey.  In the meantime I’ll leave you with a picture of how it feels to live in a Hymer.  Happy travels and speak soon.

Fi. xx

Happiness is a warm Hymer and an endless road.



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