New Arrivals – A little Hope

It’s been an exciting week for us, with a new arrival to our madcap family.  Welcome to the stage our grand daughter Hope, on Wednesday 13th April.

Our new grand daughter Hope. Also known as Lentil.

Our new grand daughter Hope. Also known as Lentil.

She made a pretty dramatic entrance to the world.  Apparently when she decides it’s time to do something she doesn’t like to hang around, and came pretty close to making her debut appearance in the middle of Asda.  Luckily she had the grace to hang on long enough for a quick ambulance ride to the hospital.  Just.

After all the drama of her arrival there has been not a peep out of her.  She is, so far, living a life of complete contentment.  Crying and fussing just doesn’t seem to be in her nature.  Josie and Richard  have picked a great name for her.  “Hopeful people are “like the little engine that could”.  Hope means being at peace, because you have an inner faith that things will work out okay.  It’s a pretty cool thing to be.

It’s going to be kind of tough to be going away for months on end and leaving the family behind.  But I’m sure we’re all naturally nomads in my family.  It’s familiar and accepted.  Maybe almost expected.  My parents went off and lived in Aden for a few years when my brothers were all tiny.  I was probably conceived on the Queen Mary, somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, on their way home.  We’ve all moved location umpteen times, and are long accustomed to not seeing each other for months, or years, at a time.  My kids have grown up with this, and have a fair share of the wanderlust bug themselves.

My girls. Josie, Erin, Gemma and grand daughter #1 Janna.

My girls. Josie, Erin, Gemma and grand daughter #1 Janna.

Josie (Hope’s mum) is working on a plan to travel, and bring her up out on the road.  Learning about the world first hand, through experience.  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful life for a kid?  Imagine reading in a book about volcanoes and your mum says.  “Let’s head for Sicily.  It’ll only take us a few weeks to get there.  We’ll go see Mount Etna and you can find out all about it.”  Amazing!

One of our reasons for deciding on a Hymer, was that we’ll have room for 2 or 3 visitors now and then.  With all the good winter flight deals around, it would be nice if our crazy bunch could pop out and join us for cheap, free accommodation, holidays now and then.  We’re even saving up our Nectar card points to put towards their airfares.  That’s what we’d like to happen anyway.  And now there’s a little more Hope in the world, well…anything seems possible.

Fi x

p.s. We’d love to hear your tips or thoughts on travelling with children.  Or on going away and having to leave your family behind for that matter.  If you’d like to share them with us drop us a line in the comments box. x


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