Getting Started In Blog Land

“It was a dark and stormy night.”  I figured if this was to be my first ever blog post I needed a great opening.  Okay, maybe I’m borrowing a little bit here, but if Charles M. Schulz can do it who am I to argue?

FI being Snoopy

FI being Snoopy

It’s also pretty apt, as it is indeed a dark and, moderately, stormy night in Edinburgh.  And I’ve been hunched in Snoopy-esque fashion over my keyboard for two days now.  Learning to blog.  And all things websitey.

Yeah okay that isn’t a word.  I’ve a feeling I’ll be making up a lot of new words over the coming years.  Maybe we’ll even end up with our own  Just Another Anima online dictionary.  It’s one of the lovely things about getting started on a new project.  You never really know where it’s going to take you.

It’s exciting stuff.  And a wee bit daunting as well.  When I think of all the things we have to make happen in the next few months…  Well my brain just kind of stutters and freezes up.  Short of shoving the business end of a can of WD40 in my ear and pushing the button, what’s the quick fix for massive, freak out, brain freeze?

For me it’s turned out to be picking one thing to start working on and, well, start working on it.  So yesterday morning I plunged headfirst into the big unknown.  Setting up a website.  36 hours and £94.86 later and here I am writing my first blog post.  If I wasn’t so tired I’d have the biggest, silliest grin on.  But it’s there on the inside.  Oh yes.

So now we just have to:

  • Buy a motorhome.
  • Save enough money for a six month trip.
  • Write and practice and record a whole heap of songs.
  • Organise places to gig and find out busking laws for a dozen different countries.
  • Learn how to do all the other practical stuff that goes with living full time in a motorhome for 6 months.

Gulp!  I guess I know what my next 5 blog posts are going to be about.

Now where did I put that WD40?

Fi. x

p.s. to find out more about us and Just Another Anima check out the About Us page.


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