Magnet – The Pull of the Road

Mostly we’re very busy with all the things that have to be done to get this project off the ground.  It’s great fun, and preparation is really important.  Patience has never been an easy lesson for me to learn though, and sometimes the desire to be there already is pretty overwhelming.  I know that we’ll learn invaluable lessons from all the work we’re doing now.  And that life is about the journey not the destination.  Heck life is the journey.  And that’s every moment, not just the jumping into Yggdrasil and being on the road bit.

Still.  The waiting seems hard sometimes.  But I guess that’s all just part of the journey too.

Fi. x


There’s a magnet buried, deep inside my gut
I know it’s there,
I can feel it’s cousin tugging
Nagging, pulling my face
to the cold, rain streaked pane of the window.
My eyes like ears
Straining for something, something…
Something just outside, the ability to see

Restless I, seek to prowl
Yearn to put my feet to the road
Let the pull take me
Follow the tug, as the world revolves
Landscapes, tastes, smells, sounds,
Faces, voices, smiles and scowls
Coalesce with the covering sheath of hair
upon my skin, sink in
Iron filings of life, filling in the dots
Between the two magnets
The one within and the other, cousin


Somewhere between wind and air
The space from sea to beach
Between breath and speech
Wakefulness and sleep
They join

Follow the tug
Follow the tug


Light at the end of the tunnel. Basque country, Spain

Follow the magnet. Light at the end of the tunnel. Basque country, Spain










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  1. Amazing words… my feet are itching for you!! I think I know exactly how you feel.. really enjoying your website and so routing for you and jay to getting your funds and be up and away x

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