The Mysterious Box – A Mettlesome Mouse Story

Well helloooo!!  It’s me!  DM!!  In the box!!

Thinking Outside the Box.


You do remember don’t you old chaps?  How I had to retreat to the marvellous brain saving box after that silly Greek puppy mistook me for a toy and ate my face off?!!

Hello? Is there anybody there? Can you hear me?

Well of course you remember!  You could hardly forget now could you peeps?  It must have been just dreadful for you all.  Dreadful!!

Poor Fi was beside herself of course.  My goodness but the fluff faced one had a close call that day!  Lucky for her that I’m the forgiving type, what?!  I mean Fi and Jay are fond of the mutt, but clearly they will not tolerate any harm coming to me, DM, The Mettlesome Mouse!

I couldn’t see the silly woofy one back on the street though.  Too soft hearted by far old chaps.  Always been my downfall!  So I spoke up for the hairball and Fi and Jay reluctantly agreed to let it stay.  Anything for their old buddy DM what?

Have to say it’s been a bit boring stuck in the box these last few months.  Caught quite a few box-sets I can tell you!  Box-sets!!  Ha-ha!  Good one old chum, even if I do say so myself!!

Anyhoo… we all had rather an exciting day in the Iggy house on Thursday!  Been dying to tell you all!  Marley mutt was using the laptop to write her first blog post though.  Talk about slow!!  She blames it on those big paws of hers and English not being her first language.  But English is mostly Greek anyway so that’s a bit of a lame excuse if you ask me!

Of course my blog page should, clearly, have come before corpse breath’s!  But you know what dog’s are like.  Good grief!  As soon as she got wind of the idea it was all “Now?  Now?  Can I do it Now?  No?  Okay… What about Now?  Is it Now yet?”

So finally the mad Greek has settled down a bit and I’m getting a quick blast on the ole keyboard while she’s off chewing a log somewhere.

So Thursday Fi was acting a bit weird.  Quite normal for Fi really, but even weirder than usual all the same.  Then her phone pinged and after a quick glance she shot out the door without a word about where she was going!

Now that was definitely weird old chums.  Fi may be a bit on the loopy side but she’s a polite old girl by and large.  Leaving without telling me where she was off to was very odd!!  Very odd indeed!

Still it wasn’t very long before she burst back through the door again.  Grinning like a cat she was and telling us all to stop what we were doing, sit down and shut our eyes.  What on earth was the silly girl up to!?!

Without further ado she threw a mysterious box at us, shouting “Open it!!”

The Mysterious Box!

“It’s from Amazon.”  said I.  “Is it another box set?”

It’s like Christmas!

“It’s not really from Amazon.” said Fi.  “It’s much more exciting than a box set!”

Very spaceage!!

Inside was loads of funky silver material!  “It’s a bomb!” I shouted.  “Fi’s gone over to the dark side!”

I tried to duck back in my brain box, but James just carried on pulling silver stuff out of the box!

“Everybody DUCK!!” I screamed!

Everybody DUCK!!!


It’s a Dog Proof, Fitted, Body Armour!!!

I couldn’t believe it!!!  Fi had only gone and had a special, dog proof, fully fitted, Mettlesome Mouse Body Armour, specially made just for little old me!!  I was finally free!!

Jay passed the suit over and I grabbed it with both hands!

Time to try it on!

Quick as lightning I strapped in and leapt out of the life saving brain box!  Come on Dog!  Let’s see what you’ve got now!!





Marley said she wasn’t too keen on having a chomp after the last time, but we told her the suit had to be properly tested.  Come on old mutt!  Give it your best fangshot!!

It’s the final Chewdown!!

Result!!  Not a single scratch on the ole DM!  Just call me Victor!!

DM’s the name. Winning’s the game!

They don’t call me “Mettlesome” for nothing ya know!

DM… is back!!

DM is Back!!

The Mettlesome Mouse, aka DM. xx





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