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Jay and I are very new to this here motorhome business.  So new in fact that we don’t even have one.  Yet.  We’ve been doing a lot of research on the subject  though.  While our bank account creeps, painfully slowly, towards the necessary purchase price.  And one of the things that you notice quite quickly is that people name their vans.  People name their vans so much that a quick google of “naming motorhomes”, gives pages and pages of results.  There’s  lists of the best van names; articles on how to pick a name; there’s even motorhome name generators.

Whether to name our’s or not was a bit of a no brainer.  If all goes to plan we’re going to be living full time in this beautiful beast for months on end. She, or he, will become our home, our safe haven.  The shining steed that carries us far, far away, into a world of adventure.  We will almost inevitably become a little family once we’ve spent a while on the road together.  Me, Jay and …?  Whatsername.

Come to think of it as I write that, Whatsername’s not a bad choice at all.  Hmmmm.  If only I’d thought of that one sooner.  We’re not going to use it though.  So if you’re the proud owner of a home on wheels, looking for a name.  Feel free.  Whatsername is all yours if you want it.

Without doing any article reading on the subject I pondered it a little here and there.  What was the best way to pick a name?  Wait until we have our van and see if we can make one from the numberplate?  Hang on till we’ve been travelling for a bit and see if one just naturally presents itself?  Come up with something that goes with the make?  We’ve kind of got our hearts set on a Hymer motorhome at the moment.  So much so that when I was chatting with Jay over a pint about maybe keeping our options open to a few similar ones, his wee face just fell.  It was very much a “Hymer or die!” look.  So how about Hymie the Hymer?  Hildi, Hubert, Hannah or Huckleberry?  Huckleberry is also awesome.  It’s beginning to dawn on me that a really good way to choose a name for your motorhome is to write a blog post about it.

Jay's sad face. I didn't have my camera in the pub, but he looked a bit like this. Only sadder.

Jay’s sad face. I didn’t have my camera in the pub, but he looked a bit like this.  Only sadder.  Poor Jay.


Once I started working on this website I wondered if maybe having a “Name That Van” competition might be a good idea.  I wasn’t sure though.  I liked the inclusiveness of it for our readers.  It’s very much what Just Another Anima is all about.  But I couldn’t help feel my heart sink a little at the thought of it.  I felt like Jay’s face looked in the pub that night when he thought we might not get a Hymer.  There was so much I liked about the idea, but there was no denying it.  I very much wanted it to be us that named the van.

Round about then I received a message from our friend Nick who’s been helping us out with our logo design.  I’d filled him in on the whole Just Another Anima concept, my ideas for a tree of life theme and how I wanted to use that to Paint the Van.  Nick totally got the whole thing.  Bless you for your enthusiasm Nick.  It’s great to have other people getting excited too when we’re so excited ourselves.  Really gives us a boost when we’re freaking out about all the things we have to do.  I say we, but really that’s mostly me.  Jay just takes it all in his stride.  He’s pretty good that way.  Unless you’re talking politics.  His voice tends to go up a few decibels when he’s talking politics.

Anyway Nick had sent me a link to a wikipedia article on Norse mythology and their own particular tree of life kind of thing.  “Yes, yes, yes!” I’m messaging back, “That’s it exactly.”  It was all new information to me at the time, but the following day, as I was reading some more about this mythical tree, a few bells started going off in some distant cavern in my mind.  I’d read a lot of mythology when I was a kid.  My brother Malcolmn had this really great book of Norse and Greek myths and legends, and I read it over and over.  I became a huge fan of the Thor comic books after that as well.  I had heard of this amazing tree before, though if I’d ever known it’s name that had been well and truly lost in the mists of time.

And the name was?  Cue big, dramatic pause.  Yggdrasil.

"The Ash Yggdrasil". The world tree Yggdrasil and some of its inhabitants by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine (1886)

“The Ash Yggdrasil”. The world tree Yggdrasil and some of its inhabitants by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine (1886)



“Egg duh what?”  I hear you say.  Yeah I wasn’t sure how to say it at first either, but this article helped with that – Yggdrasil (pronounced “IG-druh-sill”).  As I read more about this mighty Ash tree, everything just clicked into place.  This whole thing is all about connections.  The beautiful, complex intertwinings of our universe.  That’s why we chose a tree of life theme for our logo.  That’s why our motorhome is going to be covered in a tree created by the people we meet on our travels.  In a way the van will become a tree of life itself.

We don’t have our motorhome yet.  But it’s out there somewhere.  Waiting for us to find it when the time is right.  And we don’t have to worry about finding a name for it.  The name found itself.  Was born out of the very spirit of this enterprise.  Hang on in there Yggdrasil my darling.  We’re coming.


Fi x


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