Paint The Van

I really wanted to call this page “The Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat.”   Why?  Because as we travel across Europe that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.  Giving our van the most, incredible, amazing, technicoloured dreamcoat.  With a whole lot of help from all you lovely folks we meet along the way.

First, take one motorhome.  We haven’t got our van yet, but hopefully it’s going to look a whole lot like this one.


The main difference to start with is our’s is going to have our Just Another Anima, Tree of Life logo on the side.  It’s also going to be carrying lots and lots of van paints.

Maybe the biggest, most important part of this journey will be the people we meet along the way.  Finding out about their lives; their experiences, and connecting everyone together here on this site.  The way we’re all connected, everywhere, here on our planet.  Even if sometimes we can’t see or feel it.  So we want to show, physically, how these people we meet become part of our journey.

What better way than in their own words and images, painted for all to see on our travelling home?  To grow our Tree of Life with us.

We’ll have a dedicated space in our blog for these folks, where we’ll tell you who they are with photos of them and their paintings on the van.  And when the journey is over what a wonderful pictorial diary we will have of them and this amazing journey we are all on together.

I’m so excited about this part of the project.  I start to bounce like a 5 year old at a sweetie shop window when I talk about it.  Jay’s excited too of course.  He says so.  I rather think he’s more excited about the music though.  And the cheap beer.  He’s definitely excited about the cheap beer.  I wonder if his painting on the van will be of a saxophone holding a beer can?

See you on the road.

Fi. x



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